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Computer Tune-Up

Performing regular Tune-ups on your PC is just as import as getting your car serviced. If your computer is running slow, freezing or crashing, a simple Tune-up will often bring your computer back to life. As an added bonus we will also create a DVD back-up disk of your personal data.


Virus/Spyware Removal

If your computer is infected with a virus, spyware, adware, or any other form of malware, we can help. Computer Care offers complete removal of malware programs on both business and home computer systems and will install software protection to prevent future incidences.


Computer Repairs

Is your computer making odd noises? Has your CD drive stopped reading CDs? Do you get the dreaded “blue screen of death” when you power up your computer. These are all signs of hardware failing in your computer. Whatever the cause, Computer Care can troubleshoot your computer, diagnose the problem, and make any necessary repairs.


Computer Upgrades

Is your PC getting old and out of date? Are you finding it slow or unable to run new software? Then it's probably time for our PC upgrade service. Depending on the age of your computer we may be able to upgrade your PC to the Latest Technology, without the expense and hassle of purchasing an entire New System! A simple memory upgrade can be a little as $75 installed! Please contact us for a no obligation consultation and price quote.


Network Setup

Networks have become indispensable for businesses and a great convenience for home network users. Thanks to advancements in wireless networking technology, the cost of networking has dramatically dropped while security has risen considerably. To explore all the possibilities a wireless network can bring to your home or office, call Computer Care today.


New Computer Setup

So you’ve just unpacked your shiny new computer but you still have a lot to do to get it running right. We can help you with the all the little details needed to get the most out of your new computer including:

  • Data Transfer from your old computer
  • Set up user accounts, password, email settings
  • Printer & Network Setup
  • Software Installation
  • Remove “Bloatware” (all that pre-installed junk)

Purchase Advice & Consultation

Considering buying or upgrading new computer, network, software or data backup systems for your home or business but confused with all the choices. Computer Care can help you decide which type of system will best meet your current and future needs. We will help you find the most economical solution to your needs whether you decide to purchase from us or elsewhere.


Remote Desktop Support

For existing Computer Care customers we offer the convenience of Remote Support Services. Many preventative maintenance and software troubleshooting services can be performed remotely. If we run into a problem that cannot be resolved remotely we will immediately schedule an appointment to visit your site.

No Problem Too Big or Too Small!

The services listed here are just a sample of the many ways we can help with your technology needs. If you need support in an area not listed here please Contact Us. If we are not the best choice to help you with your needs we will be happy to refer you to someone who can.